robs marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds Robs Potpourri (aka Robs Mix)

What happens when you grow 6 original cannabis cup strains for 20 years and you cross breed them over and over for 20 years? You get Robs Potpourri!

Imagine 20 years ago, a german man buys 6 original strains in amsterdam: Big Bud, White Widow, Durban Poison, Early California, Skunk #1, and Silver Haze. Growing and mixing them for 20 years has created an amazing mix of genetics sure to please. All 6 strains were Sensi Seed Cannabis Cup Winners. When growing Robs Potpourri seeds you will get a beautiful variety of hybrid plants from sativa to indica type leaves and heights. With proven results for over 20 years your guaranteed to have some of the dankest buds on the planet. You cannot buy Robs Potpourri anywhere but here. LIMITED Amount so order now.

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Disclaimer: You are responsible for the laws in your place of residence, do not order if they are illegal in your area. It is impossible for us to check the laws worldwide so please check the laws in your local area before ordering. If the seeds are illegal in your area please do not place an order.


Buy now for massive bushy plants. You will receive 1 bottle with 2 x gallon concentrate. We no longer sell 1 gallon mix. Spray the plants and undersides of leaves during the vegetative stage as much as you like during light hours. Spray clones and all size plants. Mix the bottle you receive with 2 gallons of water or shake well and mix just half the bottle with 1 gallon of water. Load sprayer, spray and watch your plants grow bushy.