For all plants. Grow big plants fast. Get lots of branches and hundreds of clones! Make them super BUSHY with these nutrients. Huge cannabis plants guaranteed. Super Foliage Spray is a must buy must have nutrients for indoors or outdoors, soil or hydroponics. You can add super foliage spray nutrients to your current nutrient program, for beginners or professionals. 1 Gallon of spray nutrients shipped as a 4 oz concentrate to save on shipping. Directions: Mix super foliage spray nutrients 4 oz ultra concentrate with 1 gallon of water and load your sprayer. Spray plants with super foliage spray daily 3-10 times, the entire vegetative stage. Great for clones and seedlings. Can help prevent transplant shock and it never burns a plant no matter how much you use it! Hydroponics or soil grows.

*Spray the undersides of all leaves. This spray works on all plants. Spray fresh water every other day to clean off leaves.

1 bottle $29.99